Benevolence Farm Body Care: Our Story

At Benevolence Farm, we believe that we are more than our worst mistakes. We all have the right to safety, housing, food, healing, and connection rooted in dignity and self-autonomy.

Our flagship program — transitional housing and employment — provides a space for women returning home from prison and jail to process, heal, and prepare for what’s next in a rural setting surrounded by nature. Benevolence Farm is one of the few places across the state that accepts women of all criminal convictions. After each woman’s arrival, she sets her own goals and staff works alongside her to identify the right resources to succeed. Because each resident leads the way in her reentry, we see about 15% of our alumni return to incarceration within two years, and almost all who are re-incarcerated are for a technical violation regarding their probation or parole. Ultimately, we hope to measure the extent to which our alumni thrive in — and with — their communities of choice. 

We also recognize that individuals and communities can only do so much to repair harm, heal, and thrive given our current political and social environment. Therefore, we take seriously our advocacy efforts to ensure rural spaces have their basic needs met and people can build healthy relationships with one another outside of the criminal legal system.

Our primary program areas for formerly incarcerated communities across rural North Carolina include:

Our body care enterprise was launched in December 2018. All of our products include at least one ingredient that has been grown and harvested right on our farm. Each item is made with all natural ingredients, such as organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Residents grow, harvest, and transform herbs and flowers into homeopathic solutions for skin and body care.

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